About smokey's cannabis lounge

I created Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge after watching my elderly mother suffer through chemotherapy treatments with little to nothing I could do.

As a lifelong advocate of naturally grown cannabis and a CBD user myself, I really felt that these would be the best non-addictive, natural option to help with the side effects she was suffering through.

It didn’t take long before we could both see wonderful results from the CBD products she was taking. The combination of using CBD both sublingually and topically helped alleviate much of the pain associated with her ongoing treatments.

To make sure my mother was getting the highest quality products, I started to look into how I could make them. After doing a lot of research, I reached out to a family friend who just happened to be a lead physician for a Canadian cannabis consulting firm. We then got to work on developing our very own formulas. Knowing what products were already on the market, I knew I could do better.

As a result of seeing how incredible these products worked for my mother, I knew I needed to share them, and that was when I created Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge.

Our Goal

Our goal at Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge is simple, it’s to provide easy access to high-grade medicinal and recreational cannabis products for all adults 19 and older.

When you order from Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge, you’re not just receiving your order in the mail. What you get is a promise of the utmost commitment to product quality and customer service.

What sets us apart

There are so many ways we set ourselves apart at Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge, to name a few….
  • We work alongside local farmers here in British Columbia to get our customers the best cannabis at the best price
  • All of our formulas have been developed in our lab and have been personally tested for years with amazing results
  • We put customer confidentiality first by making sure that all personal information is secured, and all packages are discreetly delivered
  • When ordering from SCL, you can rest easy knowing that all of our products have been crafted by experienced professionals with the highest of standards
And finally…
  • Our customer-care center is staffed by knowledgeable, helpful product specialists who are ready to provide you the information needed to help make the right choices for you and your needs.